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or, The Fairies’ Parliament

John Crowley

The 40th Anniversary Edition

The Author's Preferred Text

Featuring the extraordinary art of

Peter Milton

With a long, previously unpublished essay by

Harold Bloom

One of the great novels of our time,
edited, designed, and produced
in accordance with the author’s dream.

A Letter from John Crowley

To All —

Every author dreams that his work will be afforded all the care in editing, design, and production that he would give it himself, if he could. That (usually futile) dream was fulfilled for me when Incunabula published a collection of my stories called Antiquities, a marvellous (and now quite valuable) volume. So I’m delighted that publisher Ron Drummond and designer John Berry have joined up again in a new project on my behalf — a splendid new edition of Little, Big on its 25th anniversary. The project has my full and enthusiastic support, and I will be working with them on every aspect of the publication. What a treat! I hope you will think so too.

John Crowley
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It's one of the greatest novels of the 20th Century. It exists at the intersection of Literature and the Fantastic. The beautiful long-awaited 25th Anniversary edition of Little, Big is coming out for the 40th Anniversary. The publishing event of the decade is happening.

— Neil Gaiman, 15 September 2021

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