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A Few Questions Anticipated

Will the Lettered Edition be leather-bound?

No. The Lettered Edition will not feature fine hand-tooled leather bindings and genuine gold-leaf stamping. It's too expensive, and neither John Crowley nor book designer John D. Berry are all that keen on leather anyway — at least not in their books.

What if the Subscription drive fails to reach its goal?

Back in April 2004, the original answer to this question read as follows: “If our subscription-drive fails to reach its goal by the end of March 2006 and we are unable to publish the edition, everyone who subscribed will get their money back. Barring acts of God or, God forbid, acts of terrorism, we guarantee that; within six months of falling shy of the goal, you'll get your money back. If, at the end of March 2006, we are close to the goal but have not quite reached it, we may decide to officially extend the deadline, in which case we will make announcements to that effect. Subscribers will have the option of requesting refunds after March 2006, if they do not wish to support the extension.”

As it happened, at the end of March 2006 we had failed to reach our goal, but are indeed close enough to it that we have officially extended the deadline to March 2007; and, yes, you can request a refund now if you wish. Please read the complete announcement of the extension.

Now, if we fail to make the extended deadline and thus at that time return your money, will you get any interest on it? No, we can’t promise that. The interest that accrues on the account will be used to cover the expenses incurred in managing the project. If any of the interest money is left over after paying off these expenses, then we will distribute what’s left over to the subscribers.

But, as it happens, none of that will be necessary, since as of 22 September 2006 we have officially reached our minimum goal, sufficient funds are now in place to guarantee publication and delivery of the book, and we have green-lighted the project. But we're not out of the woods yet, so keep those subscriptions coming in!

What if I move before the book is published, forget to send you a forwarding address, and you can’t find me?

We will make a good-faith effort to track you down so we can give you your book or your money, and if we fail, we’ll keep it on ice for two years minimum, in the hope that you turn up and claim it.


Write to Ron Drummond. We’ll post the best questions, and our answers, here.

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Published 7 April 2004