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22 February 2011


My update now is brief. My father died on Nov. 23, 2010. I was only able to work on the Little, Big Project during two of the eight weeks following his death. But I am happy to report that since mid-January I have been working steadily on the book and I do not expect any significant interruptions before the book is finished.

Last Thursday I finished collating the final text corrections and queries for the book; after whittling the final queries down over the last few days, minutes ago I sent the list to John Crowley for his feedback. Once that is received I will integrate his approved changes with the remaining text and art corrections and John D. Berry and I will begin the final correction / lockdown pass through the book — which will take a few weeks — and once done we will finish the back matter, create the dustjacket and other outer matter, and do final prep for the printer.

I am very happy to thank Carolyn S. Foreman for her excellent work proofreading the book for the final time before publication — she caught a number of things that I, along with John Crowley and two previous proofreaders, missed, and we are very grateful to her for her work.

For more information on the process, please see the last three Project updates:

Thank you for your patience; we are very close.

With Best Wishes for the New Year,

Ron Drummond

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Published February 11, 2011