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Undisentanglable convolvulus
23 October 2014

Do you recognize the phrase I’ve taken as the title for this update? It’s my favorite phrase from Little, Big. (You’ll find it on page 388 of the new edition.) Indeed, it may well be my all-time favorite two-word phrase. Once you disentangle its pronunciation, you may find, as I do, that it is an incredibly delicious, sensual phrase to speak aloud, or intone, or whisper, or sing. Feel how it shapes the mouth, like a catalog of kisses.

Alas, for much of the last four months, we’ve been wrestling with what has sometimes felt like a frustratingly undisentanglable convolvulus of problems and technical issues with the art reproductions. Now, at last, I am happy to report that we have found the master disentangling thread and have even started pulling it, ever so gently — the thorny knot is starting to unravel. But the added work load is not inconsiderable.

Reaching this point has involved close consultations with our top candidate printer, in the course of our work on an art print test designed to help us calibrate the art reproductions for the book as a whole, and with recognized experts in the relevant publishing and graphics programs; we’ve retained the services of the latter to work with the digital art files, an essential move.

Our work is on-going, and as I indicated above, the path forward is clear once more, the convolvulations disentangled here, pared back there, trimmed into gateways of almost topiary precision, standing wide, the newly-revealed vista awaiting a first kiss.

Ron Drummond

Updated Friday, 27-Jan-2023 06:53:22 MST
Published 23 October 2014