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Her looking upward was infectious
22 April 2020

Realistically? Under pandemic conditions? Everyone involved wants this Project successfully completed as quickly as we possibly can without risking botching it at the last minute. Work is continuing on multiple fronts. The best I can say, this side of completion, is that we want to be able to announce a firm, relatively short timeline and are working to do so before the end of the year. But I cannot say we have a firm timeline on announcing a firm timeline because we are all being slowed down by the health crisis and cannot predict how long that crisis will last or how soon we can restore the needed pacing on sundry aspects of the completion process, which are not necessarily linked together due to their reliance on the activities of different kinds of vendors (for example, more often than not book printing and book binding are separate businesses), etc.

I wish you all patience, safety, good health, the consolation of loved ones, and a robust spirit of community and cooperation.

—Ron Drummond

Updated Friday, 27-Jan-2023 06:53:37 MST
Published 23 April 2020