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5 October 2022

All copies have been sewn, but they’re still being cased (i.e., sewn and taped into hardcover boards covered in cloth). The one thing missing from the otherwise finished Trade copy in the cell phone video above is the gold foil stamping on the spine and front cover boards. Be sure to turn up the sound — you can hear how well-made the book is, especially when Bob riffles the pages at the end. Medium-large screen for medium-definition video.

Like you, we can’t wait to hold a copy of the book in our hands.

Thank you to all who so kindly and generously contributed to the fundraiser that Samuel R. Delany held on my behalf to cover the cost of the physical therapies that are helping me to recover from the stroke that on June 5, 2022 summarily cut the connection between the left side of my brain and the right side of my body. That process has been painfully slow, but is on-going.

Ron Drummond

Published 5 October 2022