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Or, Suppose One Were a Wish
12 October 2011

I am now working on creating the final lockdown correction documents for Book Six. Finishing those, and the docs for two of four post-novel textual objects, will mean that I will no longer have to switch back and forth between creating new correction docs and checking John D. Berry’s work executing earlier ones. Berry is nearing completion of his first pass executing the lockdown documents for Book Three; final lockdown docs for Books Four and Five await his attention. Book One has been finalized, and Book Two is all but final. The battle continues; the guns of Fairyland are firing.

Meanwhile, John Crowley is busy recording the audio book of Little, Big, and he’s using our thoroughly edited and not insubstantially revised text of the novel – the Author’s Preferred Text – to read from. This is A Good Thing. More news when there’s more news. Please remain calm.

The “Suppose One Were a Fish” art poster is now officially sold out. However, we have almost as many copies as we once had of the official version of several ever-so-slightly less official versions of the poster, which until now have been very carefully segregated from the truly official version and not distributed — they are not in any way inferior in reproductive quality, but make use of slightly different duotone combinations, microscopically different shades of grey in combination with black, and, in a relatively small number of cases, are printed on a different kind of paper, not the off-white Mohawk Superfine used for the majority but the bright white smooth of Finch Opaque; the large majority of all varieties are untrimmed and contain crop or registration marks in the four corners and black & grey “color” bars along the right edge, outside the image area of the poster per se. So. Peter Milton and John Crowley have kindly given their permission for us to sell these excess copies to those interested, and at a modestly higher price no less, though I cannot guarantee that I will be able to fulfill specific requests, indeed the only request I will consider is for one kind of paper over the other, and even then I cannot guarantee you will get the paper you request. In a few days we will revise the PayPal page with regard to the posters, inflect it with supernumerary caveats and warnings, and begin accepting orders. Please do not place any poster orders until the page has been clearly and unambiguously updated.

Thank you all for your patience, encouragement, and support. As a group, Little, Big fans are just about the coolest people on Planet Earth.

Best Wishes,

Ron Drummond

Updated Friday, 27-Jan-2023 06:53:52 MST

Published 12 October 2011