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15 September 2011

Work on the final pass continues. In terms of creating the lockdown correction documents, I’m currently working on the docs for Book Five and expect to finish them next week; in terms of executing those correction documents, John D. Berry is working on Book Three, and I’m checking his work chapter by chapter as he finishes each pass; as I’ve mentioned before, each chapter so far is taking two to four passes to finalize. Needless to say, I wish this was going faster, but it is going, and everything we’ve finalized so far looks great and is everything we want it to be.

The house where I live in upstate New York was flooded in late August (almost up to the basement ceiling); we were without power, internet, and hot water for respectively five, six, and eight days. The good news is that nothing related to the Little, Big Project was lost or damaged; everything is secure. The bad news is folks in Vermont, just an hour or two away from here, were hit far worse than we were, and have a long recovery ahead. Meanwhile, nine days after the first flood here there was a second one, not nearly as bad but nevertheless frustrating after all the cleanup work.

I will post again on September 30th, if not before, with a more detailed update.

Best Wishes,

Ron Drummond

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Published 15 September 2011