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4 April 2023

The numbered and lettered editions are still in final production. With ongoing manufacturing delays, this has been a much slower process than anticipated. The slipcases are being fabricated now and the sheets signed years ago by John Crowley, Peter Milton, and Harold Bloom have been carefully bound into each book by hand. The good news is that Ron Drummond's design for the slipcases is stunning, utilizing original Milton art not in the book. The latest guesstimate is that these editions will be ready to distribute by summer, if not sooner. As soon as we have concrete news, we will post it here. We would have preferred to distribute the numbered & lettered editions before the trade hardcover, but with the uncertainties of the final production, it was decided best to begin shipping the trades in January.

Thanks to the hard work of the fine folks at Deep Vellum, the trade hardcover edition of the book has now been shipped to everyone who pre-ordered and confirmed their order address with us. There remains over 300 unconfirmed addresses in our database. If you ordered a book between 2004 and 2022, we need confirmation of your current address to ship:

With a project whose order history spans 18 years, we need to hear from all of you who have pre-ordered, before we can ship your book. We can only ship to those pre-orders whose addresses have been confirmed.

Please confirm or update your complete mailing address and contact info by completing the form at--

Do NOT fill the form out more than once, multiple submissions will not get you your books any sooner and only add to our workload and possible confusion.

All trade hardcover orders should be mailed out within a week of confirming your address! Tracking will be emailed to each customer at the time of shipment.

Deep Vellum Publishing now handles sales and fulfillment. Copies of the trade edition and posters remain available through them:

Thank you for your legendary patience and support for this long-awaited edition!

The Completion Team

Published 4 April 2023